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izasoft & izahost
Web Hosting and Publishing Services Agreement

This agreement has been prepared between İzasoft & İzaHost Computer and Internet Services (hereinafter referred to as the "SERVICE PROVIDER" or "İzasoft") providing services via the website and the customer (Hereinafter referred to as the "CUSTOMER") who receives services (Domain, Hosting, Security Certificate, Academic Journal System, Congress System, etc.) via

2.1 This agreement is deemed accepted by the CUSTOMER and all terms are agreed upon when the CUSTOMER contacts İzasoft officials or orders services through İzasoft websites (,,,

2.2 The agreement comes into effect upon the CUSTOMER's registration on any of the İzasoft websites and placing an order for product/service and covers any kind of domain, hosting, security certificate, email, and software services to be received by the CUSTOMER.

2.3 The term of the agreement is as long as the payment period chosen by the customer during the order process. This period is also indicated on the invoice and at the end of this agreement.

2.4 Disputes arising during the term of the service will be resolved within the framework of the explanations in the contract. İzasoft may seize CUSTOMER accounts or block its publication temporarily or permanently if the CUSTOMER violates the explicitly stated terms of the contract.

3.1 Hosting Service is the transfer of the CUSTOMER's websites or databases to the internet environment using the infrastructure provided by İzasoft.

3.2 In some cases, the possibility of service interruption is accepted by the customer. Short interruptions that may occur during maintenance and updates, hardware failures, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, interruptions in internet and electricity lines are examples of this.

3.3 The CUSTOMER accepts the interruptions that may occur at İzasoft due to these problems. İzasoft is responsible for resolving these interruptions as soon as possible.

3.4 The CUSTOMER is responsible for the data in the allocated space for hosting service. İzasoft may share any information requested by relevant government agencies in accordance with the law.

3.5 The CUSTOMER cannot make postings or publications that contradict İzasoft's dignity, reputation, or commercial interests. In such cases, İzasoft has the right to terminate the contract.

3.6 By accepting this agreement, the CUSTOMER also agrees to maintain content that complies with regulations, regulations, laws, general morality, and decency. In the event of content outside this framework, İzasoft may delete the entire content and suspend all services. In such a case, no refund request can be made.

3.7 The CUSTOMER cannot exceed the resources provided by İzasoft for the service. In case of exceeding the limit, İzasoft will inform the CUSTOMER and may suspend or restrict the service if necessary.

3.8 İzasoft regularly backs up all data (weekly backup and storage of the last two backups). Backup operations deemed necessary outside the specified periods can be performed by the CUSTOMER itself. Short-term backup and long-term storage operations requested by the CUSTOMER are additionally charged.

3.9 Although the amount of bandwidth offered to the CUSTOMER is determined as unlimited, there are limits due to infrastructure. Detection of abuse and reaching these limits may cause problems with the continuity of service.

3.10 The use of software for sharing images, audio, and files is strictly prohibited in shared web and reseller hosting services provided by İzasoft. The use of the server directly for file storage, sharing, and backup archiving purposes is also prohibited.

3.11 The space and traffic allocated for hosting service on the server cannot be used for purposes such as video sharing, TV/radio broadcasting (streaming).

3.12 Archive files with extensions such as Zip, Rar, Gzip, Tar cannot be hosted on the server. Such content is automatically detected and deleted at regular system checks.

3.13 The user is solely responsible for the content of the internet site to be published in the allocated area by İzasoft. The CUSTOMER declares, accepts, and undertakes to bear the legal and criminal responsibility arising from the legality of the text, data, sound, image, and all kinds of data on the website. İzasoft reserves the right to completely or partially freeze, restrict or terminate the service with or without warning in the cases described below.

3.14 Bulk Mail Sending: There is no permission for bulk mail in any hosting and virtual server package provided. In case of Bulk Mail Sending Detection, the service provided to the CUSTOMER will be suspended without notice.

3.15 SPAM Mail Sending: Spam mail is sending emails to the recipient without their consent. Whether sending one or thousands of emails, whether commercial or non-commercial, does not matter. What matters here is whether the recipient has applied to the sender for sending emails to him/herself. In case any server owned by İzasoft enters the known spammer server lists on the internet due to sending spam mail, İzasoft reserves the right to request and collect the "Clearance" fees to be paid to get out of the list from the customer. In addition, in case of SPAM Mail Sending Detection, the service provided to the CUSTOMER will be suspended without notice.

3.16 Crimes Against Intellectual and Artistic Works: İzasoft reserves the right to suspend the service provided if it is used for acts that may constitute a crime under the "Intellectual and Artistic Works Law", "Trademark Law", "Turkish Commercial Code", and "Law on the Protection of Patent Rights" (copyright, registered trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, software piracy, and crimes against patent rights) and violate the inviolability of private life.

3.17 Contrary Behaviors to General Morality: Broadcasting and/or mediating content known as "adult", which is contrary to generally accepted social morality, customs, and traditions using İzasoft services. Trying to access other people's computers, user accounts by illegal means using İzasoft services ("hacking" or behaviors defined as "hacker") and causing harm to or attempting to harm other people's computers/networks. Causing damage to İzasoft computers and the software installed on them, or trying to or attempting to cause damage. Providing music files, free email, pirate software, toplist, directory, banner exchange, counter, download (file download) services, connecting to any chat program or chat server interface using İzasoft services, distributing political websites, providing free web space and email address using İzasoft services may lead to suspension of the service.

3.18 As long as the CUSTOMER continues to receive the service, the CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted these contract provisions. İzasoft may suspend the publication of the relevant hosting/reseller service, delete it from the server, and unilaterally terminate the service agreement in repeated cases where the specified situations are detected.

4.1. The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount stated during the online ordering process on İzasoft websites or the amount specified in Article 7 of this contract. The specified fees are calculated including VAT later.

4.2 Payments for services taken from İzasoft are made in advance by the CUSTOMER.

4.3 The fee is paid to the bank accounts specified by İzasoft via bank transfer/EFT or online. The name of the CUSTOMER must be used as the payer's name. Otherwise, İzasoft reserves the right to request documents. Transactions will not be initiated until the requested documents are submitted. The service invoice is issued after the payment is made.

4.4 In contracts and orders made with one of the currency types, the fee is converted to Turkish Lira at the Central Bank's effective selling rate on the invoice date.

4.5 Payments for services requiring renewal are made at least 15 days before the renewal date.

4.6 If the parties have not notified each other of the termination of the contract at least 20 business days before the end of the contract term, the contract will be automatically extended for the same term as the previous contract, with the same terms and conditions. (Changes in license, service, etc. fees are reserved.)

4.7 İzasoft reserves the right to change prices and tariffs without notice. The CUSTOMER accepts the possible changes in new prices and tariffs. The CUSTOMER has the right not to accept new price and tariff changes. In this case, the CUSTOMER can transfer the services received from İzasoft to different companies before the end of the service period.

5.1 The parties have declared, accepted, and committed the postal addresses specified in the order address as their legal residence for any kind of notification arising from this contract.

5.2 Any notification made to these addresses will be deemed delivered, even if it does not reach the parties' hands. Changes to these addresses will be valid only if notified in writing to the parties.

5.3 İzasoft may send messages, information, letters, warnings, payment notifications, account activity schedules, and account summaries to the CUSTOMER's email address during the term of the contract. The CUSTOMER declares, accepts, and undertakes that he/she cannot claim that such electronic notifications were not received or did not reach him/her, and these notifications will be legally deemed delivered 1 day after the date they were sent.

In resolving any disputes arising from the application of this agreement, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.


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